About the Project

In the marine environment of Kvarken flads and gloflads are elements, that are important to preserve. They are in Sweden as in Finland prioritized Natura 2000 nature types which means, that we have an special responsibility about them. Thru international agreements both countries are pledged to maintain the diversity of the nature and the services that these ecosystems produce.

We still lack plenty of information about flads, we don’t know them or the condition they are in, not to mention how different actions affect them. We also lack knowledge about which areas are especially important in maintaining different species and ecosystem services.

To make the value of flads and gloflads more evident monetary estimations will be made on the produced ecosystem services emphasizing services provided by fish. Thru this project we will learn and get experience of methods that can be applied in restoration of flads in the Kvarken region. Experience in practice will be achieved by restoring four areas.

Long-term objects of the project is maintaining the biodiversity of the flads and gloflads in the archipelago as well as preserving the ecosystem services produced by these. Short-term goals are producing knowledge for decision makers, planners as well as politicians, that can help strengthen and preserve these shallow bays. Also the know-how of restoring damaged areas will be strengthened in the area. Kvarken Flada strives to increase the common consideration and understanding of shallow bays by supporting the administration with concrete platforms but also economic estimations of the produced nature values.

Main partners in the project consist of County Administrative Board of Västerbotten, Parks and Wildlife Finland, Nature Resource Institute, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment South Ostrobothnia.

The project is funded by:

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